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For the Parents

At ACA of Charlotte, we believe that a strong relationship with parents, staff, and student is key to achieving a high- quality education. 

ACA of Charlotte offers many different ways for parents to be involved. Here are some examples: volunteer to help with special events and fundraising, volunteer in our classrooms, and serve as an ambassador to the community.

Below are different resources that will help you to stay up-to-date with events, see supply lists, connect with before/after school care, and how to volunteer.

Important Links: 


AE Connect

This is our grading system here at ACA of Charlotte


IXL -In grades K-8, we  use IXL as a supplement for Math and ELA.


Seesaw- This is how to have communication with your child's teacher. 


Bonfire- This is our site for our uniform hoodies and spirit shirts.


Big Ideas- 5th-8th grade will have their own login for their math.

Uniform Information

Our uniforms are simple:

We follow our school colors! 

Here is a break down of the colors and appropriate wear for uniforms: 

  • Shirts: Colors: Yellow, Light blue, Dark blue, and Hunter green. Collared, with 3 buttons

  • Pants: Khaki Tan and Dark blue (must be actual pants, NO SWEATS)

  • You can wear jumpers and skirts, as well as shorts. Must be in the same color as the pants.

  • PE Uniforms: NO PAJAMAS for PE. NO TANK TOPS. If shorts are worn, they need to be knee length. Workout pants are fine, as long as they are not see through. Shoes need to be tennis shoes for PE. They will be running around on all different types surfaces.

  • Hoodies and Sweaters: They can be purchased on the bonfire website. ACA hoodies are the only sweaters that students can wear in the building. However, outside they may wear whatever jacket/coat they come in with. We keep our classrooms and school heated and comfortable.


Home and School

The purpose of the Home and School team is to provide parent education and to unite the home, the school, and the church in their endeavors to provide Seventh-day Adventist Christian education for the children.

If you would like to join the Home & School team, please fill out the email address section below. 

Thank you for joining!

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