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Who is ACA of Charlotte

History of ACA of Charlotte

ACA of Charlotte started in the year 1919. We started in a small building and quickly grew. This was the first Seventh day Adventist school to service the Charlotte area. 

Over time, we grew and have been able to keep the school operating and thriving for over 100 years, all due to the support from our constituent church, Sharon SDA Church. 

We praise God for the individuals who started this school and for those who support us today.

Today, ACA of Charlotte is a K-8 school. 

Vision and Values

  • We believe that the Bible is our guide for our Journey to Excellence.

  • We believe in helping to develop our students Character- one that mimics Christ.

  • We believe in a pedagogical approach with high quality standards.

  • We believe in preparing upstanding citizens. 

  • We believe in helping our students to master academic skills.

“Character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings.” Ellen G. White, Education pg. 225

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