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ACA of Charlotte is an Adventist Edge school, having not only met Seventh-day Adventist and National accrediting standards, but having achieved Adventist Edge certification for its excellence in curriculum and instruction. ACA of Charlotte blends the approach of traditional education with modern technology to prepare students to succeed spiritually, physically, and academically.


Adventist Christian Academy of Charlotte believes that Bible should be studied by all students and that every student should have the opportunity to get to know Christ as their Savior and form a relationship with Him. We here at ACA of Charlotte, use Encounter Bible Curriculum that was created by the NAD. We use Encounter from K-8th grade. 


ACA of Charlotte is a proud supporter of anything STEM related. Our program is highly individualized and we use Big Ideas Math, Modeling Real Life curriculum supplemented by online programs such as IXL. We also have our students utilize our STEM lab twice a week. In the STEM lab, they put to practice the math that they have learned throughout the weeks. 

Language Arts

Adventist Christian Academy of Charlotte is a Standard Based Learning school. This means we take make our lesson plans according to the lessons that need to be taught. We use NAD standards and NC State Standards to ensure our students maintain a high average on their state testing. In Language Arts, grades K-2nd grade use Fundations Curriculum and grades 3rd-8th grade use Standard Based. All our grades supplement with IXL.


ACA of Charlotte uses ByDesign ByDesign is built on a foundation of inquiry that encourages wonderment, questioning, collaboration, and exploration of multiple resources to conduct research and investigations. We also supplement by having our students utilize our STEM lab by practicing what they learn throughout the weeks.



Our STEM Lab is state of the art and has these (but not limited to) different machines and components: 3D Printer, Laser Engraver, 6 touchscreen computers and tons of resources for students. SmartLab Learning is the company we use. SmartLab Learning seamlessly integrates standards-aligned math and science curriculum, educator development, learning kits, and learning environments for students K–12. The result? Relevant, accessible, and inclusive STEM pathways that engage students in their own learning.

Art Class

During the week, every class gets to rotate through Art twice a week. During Art class they learn sketching, painting techniques, molding clay, and many other types of art. Four our art curriculum, ACA of Charlotte is currently using Davis Art. 

Music Department

Here at ACA of Charlotte, we believe in the power of music. Music has been proven to help students focus better and to help them regulate emotions. 

At ACA of Charlotte, we have the following music classes: 

  • Handbells (K-8th)

  • Choir (K-8th) 

  • Drama/Musicals (3rd-8th grade)

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